Monday, March 25, 2019
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Map and Directions

Our MAILING address is:
33021 Mountain Valley Rd.
Millboro, VA 24460
        BUT BE ADVISED!!
  Plugging that address into Mapquest, Google Maps, 
Garmin, or other map servers will probably give you a
bad location,and possibly no result at all. We have no
idea why this is the case. A stretch of Rt. 39/42 was recently
named "Mountain Valley Road", not sure why.  In addition
there is a Mountain Valley Road on the west side of Bath
County, near Hidden Valley.  THIS IS NOT OUR LOCATION! 
Yes, we know, this is VERY confusing! But we don't name
the roads and routes around in the area. Our camp entrance is off
Rt. 39/42 about a mile west of Rt. 640 (Mill Creek Road),
between Goshen and Millboro Springs.
GPS Coordinates for Camp ACCOVAC:
LAT:       38° 0'6.41"N
LONG:    79°34'50.49"W
 From Goshen, our camp is 5.7 miles NW along 42/39
from the intersection where Rt. 42 and Rt. 39 split up
in Goshen, entrance will be on the right.
From Millboro Springs, camp is 2.8 miles from where
42/39 converge, camp entrance is on the left.