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Pastoral Recommendation

                                    Pastoral Recommendation

                                    Employment Application

                                    Employee _______________________

                                   Camp ACCOVAC

                                   33021 Mtn Valley Rd

                                   Millboro VA 24460



1.    How Long have you know the Applicant?

2.    Describe your relationship with the Applicant. (Circle One)


·         Related/ Family

·         Intense

·         Close

·         Casual

·         Distant







3.    Knowing the applicant the way that you do, would you. (Circle one)


·         Highly recommend them as a candidate for Camp Staff.

·         Recommend them as a candidate for ministerial training.

·         Hesitate to recommend them. (Explain Below)

·         Be unable to recommend them. (Explain Below)






4.    How would you best describe the applicants . (Circle One for each category)

        Mental Ability             Emotional Level                    Initiative                             Influence


            Quick                          Very Stable                         Actively Creative                 Very Influential

           Average                         Stable                               Self- Reliant                       Somewhat Influential

      Slow                           Unstable                             Conforms                           Conforms

         Seldom Initiates                  Distant




5.    Does the Applicant summit well to Authority? (Circle One) Please explain

·          Yes

·          No




6.    Have you ever known the applicant to gossip? (Circle One)

·          Yes

·          No



7.    The applicant’s spiritual influence on others is ? (Circle One) Explain

·          Positive

·          Neutral

·          Negative



8.    What sort of people does the applicant associate themselves with?




9.    How would you rate the applicant in the following areas? (Circle One for each category)

                                            Dress:                                                      Speech:                                                            .                                                                                                                                                             

                                           Neat                                                                 Careful

                                      Average                                                         Indifferent

                                      Untidy                                                                Loose




10.  Have you ever known the applicant to engage in questionable moral conduct? (Circle One)

·          Yes                                                           No


If Yes Explain:





11.  Please describe the applicant’s home life:







12.  Are you aware of any physical or emotional weakness that would hinder the applicants performance?

·          Yes                                                                No


If yes Explain:






13.  To your knowledge, does the applicant

·         Smoke

·         Drink

·          Use Illegal Drugs



14.  What do you consider to be the applicant’s strong points?







15.  What do you consider to be the applicant’s weak points?





16.  Please make any other comments about the applicant.












Pastoral Name and Church Information

Pastor’ Name:___________________________________________________________________

Pastor’s Signature:____________________________________________________________

Church Name:___________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________________________________________________