Monday, March 25, 2019
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Notice to All Prospective Staff


Where God can be found in the great Outdoors!!!

33021 Mtn Valley Rd, Millboro, VA 24460
                   (540) 997- 5964   
 To all potential volunteers and paid staff of Camp ACCOVAC,

   Camp ACCOVAC exists to be a ministry for Jesus Christ. We want to be a place where all people can come and experience the love of Jesus and hear the good news of His gospel. In order to do this, we must have committed individuals who desire to give of their time, talents, and abilities in order to serve the Lord through their work at Camp ACCOVAC. No job is seemingly too small that it can’t contribute to the overall success of the camp’s ministry.  By being on staff at ACCOVAC, whether paid or volunteer, you are a worker for Jesus. As such, you should strive to be living your life to honor and glorify Christ. This should be evident in your life, and there should be no glaring contradictions of worldliness or sinful pursuits. We by no means require perfection, because that would rule everyone out. We do require our staff and workers to be Christians who are doing their best to live as lights in a dark world, to have their lives shine as examples of obedience to God and His word. Church attendance and involvement are critical, as is a firm knowledge of God’s word. When we serve Jesus, our lives, reputations, social media accounts, and everyday interactions with others should show evidence of this, and never point to the contrary.

           Thank you for considering to help serve at Camp ACCOVAC. We appreciate your interest in the camp and it’s ministry. All workers will be approved by the camp board.                                

                              In Him,

                       Camp ACCOVAC Staff


Note: In reviewing this application, be aware that a criminal background check may be performed on you. In addition, your previous employers and personal references may be contacted and social media accounts examined to verify your application information. All such information may be reviewed by the Camp ACCOVAC board if necessary.