Monday, March 25, 2019
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Registration Info

Camp Registration will NOT begin until 2pm.  Please do not arrive early.   Registration  will continue until
4:30 p.m.  Departure is Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.  A fee will be added for any camper staying past noon
Saturday.  Prior to leaving Saturday each camper MUST check out first with their counselor and then with the

Registration and rates for 2018 are $250/week (this includes picture and store money), If registration is paid
in full before June 1st, the camper will receive $10 off registration. Please send your $25 non-refundable
registration fee in with your completed registration forms.  The remainder is due on or before the Sunday you
come to camp. Refunds will only be made for physical illness with a written request from the guardian or parent.
Note:*You may want to pre-pay the full tuition for the week that your child is attending. This will greatly shorten your
wait during registration. Cancellations will result in a refund minus the registration fee.
We request that campers who are planning to attend back to back camp sessions do not stay over the weekend.
If however, no other arrangements can be made by the parents, then campers will be cared for at the camp for a
charge of $45.00 This charge covers lodging, meals, supervision and laundry facilities. They will be under the
supervision of camp counselors and behavior expectations will remain the same as when camp is in session.

Late Registration:  If the camp is full, late campers will be on a first-come first-serve basis.  The maximum
attendance for each camp session is determined by the Program Coordinator based on staff numbers and safety,
so getting your child registered with a deposit will ensure they are reserved a spot.

Camp Store: will open twice daily selling snacks, shirts, hats, pencils, pens, stamps, envelopes, etc. 
No need to send extra money, as a camp store credit is now  included in the price of tuition.  Please remember to
leave your child with a dollar or two in coins for using the drink machines when the store is not open.
 Indicate you have read and agree to these expectations by
 signing the designated agreement on the registration forms. 
*Each camper is under the authority of the camp staff during their week.
*Campers may not leave the grounds except during supervised camp activities and/or consent request
 signed by parent or guardian.

*Campers are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner and will not bring to camp, nor use
 anything which will pollute his/her mind or body or anothers'
*Please leave at home any books or reading materials that are not specifically Christian in nature.
*Radios, CD players, tablets, cell phone, laptops or other audio visual electronics are not allowed within the
 possession of campers.
*Campers will conform to the camp dress code which is casual and modest, and not worldly; boys must
 wear shirts at all times.  Campers must wear shoes at all times. Girls must wear only  MODEST one-piece swim
 suits please.  All staff have the authority to require campers to change questionable clothing.

*Please respect the camp property as well as others'.  Campers will be held responsible for unnecessary damage
 and breakage.

*Campers are not permitted to make phone calls unless it is an emergency determined by the Camp
 Director or Nurse.
Recommended What-To-Bring List
-Sleeping bag or bed sheet/linens and pillow
-Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, toothbrush/paste, etc
-Two towels: Beach towel for pool, bath towel for showers
-One pair of long pants and at least one long sleeve shirt
-Flip flops or sandals
-Laundry bag (or simple garbage bag) for dirty clothes
-Bug spray
-Bible and notepad/pen
Optional items to bring if desired
-fishing gear
-ball mitt
-a nice set of clothes for Friday night dinner
-swim goggles/mask
-water shoes for creek wading
The better a camper's items are labeled, the easier they are to keep track of
and not end up in the lost and found at the end of the week.